Prof. Makau Mutua Trades Accusation With Dr. Ezekiel Mutua Over Bill Seeking To Curb Pornography


Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has dissed the remarks by Prof. Makau Mutua concerning Duale's bill meant to curb pornography in Kenya.

Dr. Mutua remarks comes after Prof. Mutua posted on his Facebook and Twitter account. He warned Honourable Aden Duale and Ezekiel Mutua to know that Kenya is not a mosque or church, but it is a secular state governed under secular — not religious — law. He further says the bill is an attack on free speech.

The post did not augur well with Dr. Mutua who has defended the bill saying that if passed it will help curb the misuse of social media. This comes after the widespread sharing of pornographic materials on various media platform. The CEO of KFCB says last year the board received over 1,000 written petitions to shut down pornography sites.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua (left) and Prof. Makau W. Mutua (Right )

Dr. Mutua He tell Prof. Mutua that, "I think all progressive people should support the Duale Bill as it aims at promoting proper use of telecommunications equipment and to promote public decency. In any case, even the privacy of adults must be protected from malicious people who use the internet to destroy reputations, careers and families by spreading false information."

Dr. Mutua refute the claims that the bill will curtail the freedom of speech saying no one can infridge on privacy of any body's phone or home unless one's private behaviour offends public decency.