Summary Of What Raila Talked About During His Interview By a Kalenjin Radio Station

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Today the former prime minister ,Raila Odinga was today being interviewed by the journalists of kalenjin Radio among the station being ,Emoo FM ,Kitwek FM among others .

In his interview ,these are some of the major concerns Raila Talked about ;

Raila odinga says that he has no problem with Uhuru's offshore account for it then that's fine and that's we want.

He reveal that ,he has no any property ,or any offshore account ,all his accounts and properties are in Kenya .

In the issue about Mau ,Raila says it was a cabinet decision ,he was just but implement or .Ruto and his team used it and incite kalenjin community against me.

He also says that he will not work with Ruto comes 2022 because he is already running for president .

He also says that corruption is killing the country ,one person cannot purport to be a hustler while he has many helicopters ,giving money left right and centre .it is wrong.

Raila says that he has not declare that he will run for presidency ,but he is focused to unite Kenyans .

About SGR amount was overpriced because of corruption ,our initial plan with Kibaki was cheaper and cost effective.

Raila also says that he is not looking for endorsement but Kenyans knows whom to elect .

Share your views concerning this .

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