Inooro's Wambui Wa Muturi's Adorable Son (Photos)


Wambui Wa Muturi is among the personalities in the limelight who have managed to keep their private life away from the limelight. In a recent social media post, Wambui Wa Muturi got to attach photos of her son for the very first time.

She kicked off the post by describing CJ as the God-given fruit of her womb. Wambui went on to state that his birthing added her a new title that can not be bought which is that of a 'Mother' and 'Mama CJ' to be precise.

Wambui Wa Muturi also stated that she is proud to be his mum and if possible, she would give birth to him again and again. She also got to disclose that his twin left them at four months while still in the womb but God spared CJ for her and this generation because they have a purpose and assignment.

Wambui also stated that many are the times she has robbed CJ's time out of career and ministry works but the God she serves shall reward him. Winding up, she got to declare blessings upon CJ.

The photos are courtesy of Wambui Wa Muturi's social media.