Expect Bumper to Bumper Traffic As Cessation Is Lifted In Zoned Counties.


On Friday 26th of March, the president of the republic of Kenya announced a lockdown on five counties, which was effected one day after his address.

Today sartuday the 1st of May "Labour Day" has brought a sigh of relief to many people as the lockdown restrictions in the counties are lifted by the president in his address; with curfew hours extended to 10pm as opposed to initial 8pm.

This however is consequential and there is an expected upsurge of both commercial and personal vehicles flocking into these counties. As many who had been locked down squeeze their way out and others find their way in considering the fact that most of these counties are the busiest in Kenya.

This is a premonition to all vehicle owners both public and private: it's advisory that everyone should be calm as they engage this transition and hope for a serene normalcy sooner.

Mickaela kenya_public@operanewshub.com