Eat these 3 foods before meeting your girlfriend and she will enjoy it this time

Many guys are really going through hell because they can't drive their beloved girlfriends to "Halleluyah". No ladies will prefer a guy that can hardly make her feel like she is a woman. That is why no adays cheating is now common in our relationships. However, every problem has a solution and as a result, these three foods will work well for you if you take them before meeting your girlfriend

  1. Ginger increases sensitivity in erogenous zone
  2. Watermelon incorporates a compound called citrulline that serves as libido booster. This increases blood flow into the parts of the body including sex organs. So this
  3. Shellfish.

This is widely known a herbal aphrodisiac. Shellfish for example oysters contain amino acid and aspartic acid that are scientifically approved for boosting libido. So consuming this fish in higher quantities will not only serve as protein to your body but also also trigger higher sexual activities. That aside oysters also have zinc which connected with testosterone production

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