Father From Hell Has Slit His Daughters Throats After A Heated Argument With His Wife

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Tragedy in Kinango, Kwale County.

Police officers are looking for a man accused of butchering his daughters aged five and seven.

According to reports, the man was quarreling with his wife, Bridget Ndunge Muema, but decided to vent out his anger on his children after the woman ran away.

Reports also states, the suspect killed his children by slitting their throats.

At the scene, One girl was found lying lifelessly in a pool of blood on her bed.

While the other one was lying lifelessly in a pool of blood on a sofa set.

According to witnesses; during the heated argument, the woman ran away after fearing for her life.

Otherwise, the suspect's names are Fredrick Ombaka. While his wife's names are Bidget Ndunge Muema.

The deceased's bodies have been moved to Kwale mortuary for autospy.

May they rest in peace.

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