The Family Of The Five Road Accident Victims Reportedly Mistreating The Surviving Children

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Mr. Bundi, Wife and his three daughters. They died in road accident

In December during Christmas, a family of five perished in a greasy road accident along the Mombasa Nairobi highway. The car they were traveling in hit a trailer head-on and exploded into flames, only two members survived out of seven occupants.

Mr. Donald Bundi together with his wife Veronica and his 3 daughters are the ones who perished in that road accident leaving his two boys with injuries.

They were then buried in a mass grave at their rural home the burial which the two sons didn't attend since they were nursing injuries in the coastal provincial hospital.

Mr. Bundi's sons who survived the Accident.

The boys have now been discharged from the hospital but they have nowhere to stay since their uncle, brother to their father has locked them out of their house leaving them homeless.

Now the boys have remained in hospital since they have nowhere to stay. Their neighbors have now vowed to stand with the children until they gain access to their home.

The story of mistreatment of the children was aired by Citizen TV in both 7pm and 9pm news on 20th January 2022.

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