Love Birds: Moments When Nengi Was Massaging Ozo's Back As He Talks To Neo (Video)

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One thing which makes the big brother's show a premium content to the fans is because of the flirting and sailing of ships in the house.

Two among the current lovers, Nengi and Ozo have always been displayed on the screen acting for the viewer's mini husband and wife. The duo does things in common in the house, such as Eating, sleeping and even flirting together. Although Nengi has not officially said that Ozo is her boyfriend but it is known that she likes the fair handsome man.

Nengi showed the other housemates that she and Ozo are two love birds in the house. She was seen massaging the back of Ozo who was seriously discussing with Neo. Nengi was not even shy during the massage on Ozo's back but judging from Ozo's facial expression, he seems to be shy during the massage.

See some pictures from the scene.

It seems that their bond does grow on a daily basis on the big brother's show due to their same chemistry.

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Did you think that the relationship between Nengi and Ozo would be possible in the house?

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The video is accessible through the link.

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