Radio Jambo's Gidi Trip To France Cancelled, Fails To Attend Her Daughter's Birthday


Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Ogigi (Gidi) was denied entry to a plane headed for France from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Wednesday night, May 19.

Gidi had to automatically surrender his seat - a circumstance alluded to as bumping - and return home after the airline locked him out at the boarding gate.

The Gidi and Ghost breakfast show clarified that the episode was occasioned by an extremely late hitch lined up with the new Covid-19 guidelines. Gidi was headed to go to his little girl - Marie-Rose's - birthday in Paris.

"I had no choice except to turn around to the arrivals section, feeling frustrated and wasted. I picked my baggage which was at that point ejected from the plane and returned home," he mourned.

Gidi added that he had carried various presents for the little girl and gifts for her friends as well.

He uncovered that he hadn't connected with his girl to apologize for missing her most significant day yet and that he felt uncomfortable with breaking the news to her.

"What Marie-Rose doesn't know is that I will not be seeing her. I was bumped out of the Wednesday night trip to Paris," the presenter composed.

As per Gidi, the French Embassy explained that they were not permitting travelers with visit visas to tour France.

"I feel the airline ought to have informed me on these new rules before booking or before registration. Anyway, they have since apologized for the hitch and offered to refund the ticket in full with no penalties," Gidi clarified.

France as of now has set up more relaxed restrictions for several non-EU nations, including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Conversely, the residents of most underdeveloped nations can enter France just for significant purposes.

"While the Covid-19 pandemic stabilizes on the national territory, the proliferation of the infection in specific nations, and specifically of a few variations of interest raising fears of the risk of expanded contagiousness or vaccine escape, requires a reinforcement of the control measures for arrivals from these nations," the French government notes reporting the decision," the French government declared on May 9.