The Only East African President Who Ascended To Power Without Going Through The Election Process


East Africa being made of a section of three Countries, each one of them is ruled by a president who is sent to power through being eected by the citizens who occupy the place and have value documents to indicate that they belong there.

It is so rare for a leader to ascend to power without going to the ballot box. But now history has been broken as there has come up one of the presidents who has ascended into power without ever campaigning or being in ballot papers.

President Suluhu of Tanzania becomes the first female leader in East Africa and not only that she is the only one who has attained the seat without ever being elected.

This has come up after the death of the sitting John Joseph Pombe Magufuli who died of a heart condition.

We wish all the tanzanians well as they start the journey of being led a new and send inn our condolences for their loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.