Even If I Smile, They Will Inject The Drug in My body - Funny Face Shares Psychiatric Experience


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Funny face has shared his experience at the psychiatric hospital.

Funny Face said it loud on social media that as he was released and coming back home, he Akrobeto on his way home, so over there they all got down from their cars and gave each other a warm hug.

He said Akrobeto gave him inspirational messages that he is still keeping them in her heart, and he has learnt a lesson from whatever that went on.

Again, he said over there in the psychiatric hospital, if he coughs, they will inject him with the medicine, if he smiles too same, if he is sitting quietly and thinking about his children's too, they will inject the pin in his body. 

So he said he had no option again than to endure whatever that is going on until his two weeks were due that he has been able to come home. So he is saying that he is very excited and grateful to God. 

He made it clear that whatever that went on will be a lesson to himself and he will make sure such thing will not happen again.

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