‘Sakawa’ Woman In Serious Trouble For Swindling A Mobile Money Vendor


A twenty-six-year-old woman is currently in massive trouble for defrauding a mobile money vendor in Kumasi. The young lady, whose name has been given as Kate Boateng walked to the mobile money vendor at Dabaa in the Nhyieso District of the Ashanti Region and opted to deposit money in her mobile money account.

Initially, she told the mobile money vendor to deposit an amount of GHC 1,500 on a mobile money number believed to belong to her. The mobile money vendor obliged and sent the money. Soon after depositing, Kate Boateng indicated that she will want to withdraw money from the wallet instead, a situation that got the mobile money vendor confused.

He then told Kate Boateng that he has already sent GHC 1,500 to the initial number she gave him. But she indicated that the money might have been sent to the wrong number. The merchant decided to call the number and ask for a withdrawal, but the situation got worse. The person who received the call managed to deceive the mobile money vendor by asking him to follow some instructions. He did not hesitate since there was an eagerness to retrieve his money.

However, before the mobile money vendor could realize an amount of GHC 3,900 had been sent again to the same number. He then became worried and raised an alarm that he has been scammed. Since Kate Boateng was still in his shop, he decided to forcefully take his money from her but she could not help. The scene attracted several residents who managed to grab Kate and subjected her to severe beatings.

It took the intervention of the Member of Parliament in the area to calm the angry mob. She was later dragged to the police station where officers have begun full investigations into the matter. In pictures that have been released from the scene, the young lady could be seen helpless. But it was becoming clear that the young lady had planned with the other person to defraud the mobile money vendor.

When calls were placed to the telecommunication network, it was revealed that the money had already been withdrawn and nothing can be done about it. The person who has the money is currently unknown because the number is switched off. Some family members of Kate were also at the scene to intervene however, they had no money to settle the debt. Mobile money vendors and residents must always be vigilant to these ‘sakawa’ tricks. It is easy for the swindlers to steal all the money in their wallets through simple instructions.

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