IZangoma Zodumo: Doctor Maweni visits her spiritual child and gets honoured for her contribution

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This week on Izangoma Zodumo we got to see Doctor Maweni's new title be embraced by the show after her graduation last week. It seems the point of her journey this episode was to show us the other side of her initiatates. It was a side I loved to see it.

I don't know about you dear reader but exposure to "Gobela's" and initiates was not something I knew a lot about. The most I'd seen was on television was movies and television series. But to witness real people coming in to change their lives under Maweni's tutelage was something else altogether.

Maweni began the morning of her long drive to Mpumalanga welcoming a new initiate who also happens to be married. I found that interesting too. That she was older than most of her initiates seems to be. I love the variation in age and seeing Maweni trying to wrangle and teach them all the proper protocol for entering another Sangomas yard.

Like for example, I didn't know that before entering you had to greet the ancestors of that place and be reverent towards them.

Still, things seem to have settled down between Maweni and Sabelo, they were even taking naps on their way to see Thambo. The atmosphere seemed to be a little calm but know Maweni it's probably the calm before the storm.

Thambo seemed young to be but very accomplished. She was glowing as she thanked Maweni for her contribution and showing her the meaning of "Idlozi" in ones life. It looked like coming to doctor Maweni's initiate schools does more for your life and you end up actually working. She's making a difference in these people's lives.

But I don't know how I'd feel if I needed to go for initiation school though, Dr. Maweni seems a little strict lol!

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Source: Izangoma Zodumo on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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