One of the worst people you can hang around with are people who always tell you to be careful - Reno Omokri


Former Presidential Spokesperson, Mr Reno Omokri has listed 5 steps that a person should take in order to have a stress-free life. After listing the steps, Mr Omokri stated that people should be watchful of those who always tell them to be careful because they are one of the worst people to hang around with.

He wrote:

"5 Steps To a Stressless Life:

1. Draw a big circle  

2. Write what you have control over inside the circle 

3. Write what you don’t have control over outside it

4. Focus your attention on only what is inside the circle 

5. Pray about what is outside the circle 

One of the worst people you can hang around, are people who always tell you to be careful. satan speaks through them without their knowledge. Philippians 4:6 warns us to be “careful for nothing”. Instead of being careful, know what you can control and pray about what you can’t control."

His advice that that people should pray about what they can't control is very commendable because no man can control everything. However, most people who are told to be careful are told so to avoid getting into trouble or making mistake in life.


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