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As much as a lot of us see driving an owning a polo as a huge risk in a sence that this cars always get stolen,hijacked every single day and the saddest part of that situation being that owners never recover the cars, It seems like the same applies to other cars as well and if this goes on unattended there will be a big problem

Right now as speak there is a story trending online of a guy who lost his Quantum through car theft and the condition which it was found it at a later stage was not good at all. Have a look at how the car looked like in its days of getting recovered in the pics attached below

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Bare in mind that it is also allerged that the owner if the car was also killed but let us shelf that a bit

Looking at the Quantum being stripped like that from a view that a Quantun is usually a source of income i owners yet criminals got the courage to do what they did to this one what is it that you have to say now?

Firstly see what various mzansi people has come out and said regarding this entire situation (read thier comments in the screenshoots attached below please

Ok so now with all this being said and you looking this situation from a view that if this is not taken care of it could become a norm, and the worst part being that we don't even have police who seem to be strong enough to challenge such situations lately hence we have Polo's getting stolen and hijacked on a daily basis what is what you have to say

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