WATCH| Learners Go Berserk After A 'Bully' Was Stabbed And Killed By Another Learner

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Violations of the code of conduct in high schools are high. Bullying, vandalism of furniture, and substance abuse have become the order of the day. Learners sell weed, bring weapons to school, refuse to do homework, and much more.

Outright bullying in most High Schools and thuggish behaviour of teenagers has become a norm and the outcome of bullying incidents is not surprising. Sadly, the vile culture of taking matters into one's own hands has led to the death of many high school learners whilst some of them are stuck behind bars.

According to several reports, a grade 10 learner from Thaba Jabula Secondary School in Klipspruit was stabbed inside the school premises by a grade 9 learner during the break on Thursday.

It has been reported that the grade 9 learner was defending his younger brother who was allegedly bullied by the grade 10 learner, but instead of reporting the matter to the teachers, he decided to take matters into his hands and stabbed the 'bully'. Sadly, the grade 10 learner succumbed to his wounds in hospital. The grade 9 learner has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

If that is not bad enough, learners marched out of their school yesterday and headed to Musi High School and Mshukantambo High School to avenge the death of the deceased learner by disrupting teaching and forcing other learners out of their classrooms.


According to learners from Thaba Jabula, the suspect stabbed another learner last year but instead of being expelled from school, he was allowed to come back to school.

In the same breath, they allege that the deceased learner brought drugs to school, and was a bully but he was not expelled either. Some are demanding that the principal must go, whilst others believe that learners are the problem, not the principal.

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Sadly, this behaviour demonstrates the lack of social cohesion and moral responsibility, where evil flourishes. It goes to the heart of the ethics and war raging in South Africa.

Unless attended to, the impact of this mayhem is going to be catastrophic. All schools need full-time social workers. Some have, but t their presence doesn't have an impact on some learners.

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