Opinion: Man U Robbed West Brom, They Deserved a Penalty And Bruno Should Stop That Penalty Stlye

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Today l will be showing you why l think Manchester united robbed West Brom, West Brom deserved a Penalty and also Bruno Fernandes Should be Stop from using that Penalty Stlye.

Last night match was cool, especially the match between Manchester united and West Brom that ended in a 1-0 Victory for the home side ( Manchester united )

Manchester united beat West Brom to gain they first home victory in the league matches, while West Brom continues to find their first win of the season in the league games.

Last night l will say Manchester united robbed West Brom, West Brom Deserved a Penalty if l may say, and moreover Bruno Should be Stop from That Penalty Stlye.

So here are my reasons for these assumption.

1 during the second half Bruno bought down a West Brom players in Manchester united eighteen box, if you watch well Bruno leg also touch the West Brom player leg and the ball, l think that should have been a penalty.

2. If West Brow were denied Penalty, Manchester united should have also been denied, the hand ball that made the ref to give Manchester a penalty was as a result of the player trying to protect his face from Mata shot.

So if West Brom Penalty was ruled out also Manchester united Penalty should be ruled out.

3. That Bruno Fernandes style of penalty should be stop, its is like faking the Goal keeper, i will say the keeper coming out on time was not his fault, it was as a result of Bruno Fernandes style of plays.

I think FIFA should stop Bruno from that style.

What are your thoughs on this, do you think Manchester united Robbed West Brom?

Let know your thoughs and contribution on the comment box below, and give your own reasons.

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