Musa Mseleku in trouble with sister-in-law

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Musa Mseleku is the well known polygamist, a businessman and a TV Presenter on the show 'Uthando Nesthembu'.

Tension rose between Musa Mseleku and one of his wives, Mbali Mangwabe-Mseleku. Musa accused her wife's sister of breaking up his family on the last episode on Thursday, 4 November. According to Musa, the wife Mangwabe wasn't suppose to know about the mistreatment of the children by the driver.

"I'd issued an instruction to Mbali's sister that she must not tell Mbali about this. But her sister went behind my back and told Mbali. Today we're in this mess because of her.

" Mangwabe's sister is the one causing the problem in my family. She did not just disregard my instructions but wayiphaka impi (she declared war) and right now we are in it".

Mangwabe was upset that she even decided to take her kids to and from school.

"As long as I'm alive, I'll decide what happens to my kids. Maybe when I'm dead other people can decide for them," she told her husband Musa.

Trouble in Paradise

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