SA help us find a missing person, almost 8 days she is nowhere to be found

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"It hurts really hurt Today is day 8 and we still do not know where Siyanda Xola Mbebe is. Help us South Africa find her. She is a sister to her younger siblings and a friend to us a daughter to her mothers who are in pain with us. A person can not just go missing without any trace. God hold her hand and bring her back to us. We are praying for your safe return and we trust God will give us a clue of were you are.

Friends and family we are looking for anyone who can help us. Siyanda Xola Mbebe is missing since Friday the 26th March 2021. She has been reported as a missing person with SAPS anyone around Joburg, Pretoria anywhere who has seen her please contact her family or Pauline Vani on 0844408062 inbox or whatsApp. Please people help us find her today we've entered into day 8 and she is still nowhere to be found. "

I'm not suprised,shocked or traumatised this is the new "normal" and we might as well get used to it,women and children r slaughtered like chickens everyday cos of the banana republic that we live in,anyway may their souls never rest till their killer is found.


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