Why Jesus Called Some People "Dogs" In The Bible


It’s with sadness that the word of God is being misunderstood and abused by people who cannot accept that all people are equal before God.The most famous passage in the Bible using the term “dog” when referring to people can be found in Matthew 15:22-26. This is the incident where Jesus referred to the Canaanite woman as a “dog”.

The reason why Jesus referred to the Canaanite woman as a dog is the same reason why Jesus referred to Israel also as dogs/cast outside. Now how can Jesus refer to Israel as “cast outside” (Revelation 22:15 dogs are outside ) when Israel is the covenant people.In the book of 2 Peter 2: 20-22. We as Christians are also being referred to as “dogs” when we stop following Jesus Christ and turn back to our old unbelieving sinful ways.

The only sinister aspect of being referred to as a “dog” in the Bible is when we are not part of the new covenant; when we are not in a relationship with Jesus Christ who is the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.So we see GOD respects no one but GOD loves everyone.In the final analysis we must understand the term “dog” within the context of the two Covenants. You are either inside or outside of the covenant (Kingdom of GOD).

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