Do Kenya Police Recruits get Paid During the Training Period?


So many people usually have so many questions about the Kenya police recruitment. This article will answer you so many others that you need to know about the recruitment and training. Kenya police usually recruits youths to the Kenya police each and every year. The government tends to offer jobs opportunities to many youths as possible.Through the social media and their website, they usually give venue for recruitment in each county.

Immediately after the recruitment all those that qualify are usually taken to Kiganjo which is the training college. The training takes nine months. So many things happen at Kiganjo training college. They are taught on how to use guns and other gadgets to use in their new career.

After the training the recruits graduate to be the police officers. They are given a short holiday that takes about one to two weeks and then they are posted to different places for their work. The police starts get salaries just after they are posted to different places for work. Their main work is usually to mentain law and orders, arrest criminals and to protect the citizens against any internal attacks.

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