Willy Paul Speaks About Celebrities Refusing To Support His Album

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Controversial singer and songwriter Wilson Abubakar Radio popularly know as Willy Paul is set to release his album called The African Experience.

However, celebrities are not supporting him like they always do when an artist is about to release an album. Willy Paul today has reacted to those celebrities by saying that everyone should run their race without depending on others. He also said that it is only eleven days remaining before he releases his album which is the biggest.

Moreover, Willy Paul said people should learn to recognize what is real and he does not need hypocritical support on his coming album. He urged those people both celebrities and his fans who want to make history to support him genuinely.

(Photo courtesy)

We wish Willy Paul all the best on his upcoming album. Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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