Five Types Of Girls Every Man Should Avoid.


As much as you want to experiment different relationships with different girls, you must be extremely cautious not to fall to the hands of girls who would destroy you and your life.

There are girls out there whom their aim is to destroy and ruin someone in some way. In this article I am going to share with you different types of girls who you should avoid at all cost.

1) Any girl who constantly complains that every men are the same is a potential suspect. You can never know all men are the same unless you have been in different relationships with more than 10 men. These kind of women are usually not faithful in a relationship hence you should stay away from them.

2) Avoid any girl who has covered her body with lots of tattoos because it is a clear indication of a girl not being responsible for herself and others.

3) Avoid any girl with a nose piercing or nose ring and the one who wears a foot chain around her foot as these accessories don't go hand in hand wit a responsible girl.

4) Any girl who hides her phone away from you when she is around you or changes her phone's password often, is a potential suspect as she is hiding something ugly from you or she is having a secret affair with another man hence these type of girls should be avoided at all cost.

5) Any woman who takes hard drugs and consumes lots of alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided at all cost as they ere dangerous and not responsible as they only care about drugs and alcohol instead of being in a stable relationship with their spouse.

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