557 Youths Renounce Cultism, Surrender Weapons, Charms To Police During Church Programme

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Not less than 557 Nigerian youths have forsaken their membership with their cult groups, at Bodo, as well as other towns at Gokona neighborhood in Rivers state.

The cultists who repented, delivered their charms, and weapons to the police authority at the programme organised for disarmament, on the Apostolic Field, at Bodo. 

The programme that started some days ago, after a pressing operation of the military at Bodo, by Gokana's Chairman, Hon Paul Kobani Vidag, directed by the Divisional Officer at Bori, in alliance with additional security operatives at Gokana.

Reverend Father Abulu Abel, the Parish Priest for the Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church at Bodo, who organised the programme, was very happy that the youth recognized the necessity to change their lifestyle, and adopt peace.

The entire portrait of Christ as an example of peace is the sermon that this programme is all about, and this is exactly what we just did,” the priest said.

Talking at the programme, Joseph Mukan, the Commissioner of Police for the State, encouraged the youth to withstand any enticement to go back into crime, or be prepared to face the wrath of the law.

We are aiming to observe if all of them have truly repented, so we could watch how we can possibly rehabilitate them. We will petition the government to grant them forgiveness, so all of them can be made whole into the society again.

But first and foremost, we only need to supervise them to ascertain if they have really repented." Mukan explained.

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