Magufuli Now Warns Media Against Sharing News on Infections and Deaths


President John Pombe Magufuli has warned the media and other unauthorized people from announcing infections and death news.

The Chief Spokesperson of the Government of Tanzania, Dr Hassan Abbas has issued a warning to the media and individuals, banning them from reporting on infections, any illnesses and deaths.

Dr Abbas made the remarks on Thursday while speaking to the media about the recent behaviour of the media and some people on social media, who have allegedly been sharing information that is supposed to be only shared by the government.

He noted that some situations such as a pandemic situation require the government to update the citizens and not just any other person

"You will recall last year when Tanzania was hit by a corona epidemic, Mr President issued a protocol for leaders who would address the nation on the disease," he said.

Dr Abbas said every Tanzanian, including religious leaders, should only get involved in the sense of providing education, emphasizing action, participating in helping the community and emphasizing the things that are in the guidelines.