"You're not black enough if you've never eaten these before".


They say we learn everyday, and do you have an idea that this statement justifies that there are lot of things we don't know or have never seen before. There are so many food which you have never eaten or seen in your life. However, there are also those food which you wouldn't dare try eating them just because they look disgusting not yummy.

Well, while I was busy scrolling on my Facebook, I bumped into this other post whereby they uploaded a picture of the pot which is filled with a pink soft 'flesh' with black wavy lines. It looks like it has been filled in something like condom. Do you see how wors it has been made? Well, it looks exactly like that just that this one is kinda thicker than the real wors.

The post has been captioned, "you are not black enough if you never ate these before". I don't understand this statement because there were lot of comments asking what exactly are these things because they've never seen it nor neither eaten it before. These things are so disgusting and they cause goosebumps when you take a look on them.

According to the comments, nobody knows these things. Some of the comments were like: "Even if i knew what it was, I would have never eaten it", "you're disgusting us mahn! It doesn't even look yummy at all". There are lot of people who commented, check some of the comments below:

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