[Photos]: Celebrities Who Look Like People In The Past


In most religions, death is associated with the ascension of the spirit to a celestial world, a process that is often facilitated by clergy, whose function involves offering help to the bereaved.

In the human experience, dying and religion are inextricably linked. Theological teachings of the world's religions recommend and contextualize the origin, practices, and aftermath of human death, as well as the meaning, rituals, and aftermath of human death.

Among the beliefs and disbeliefs, there are some evidences that we can't ignore. The pictures presented here are just a few. These are just well known celebrities, can you imagine if there is a picture of every single person that has ever lived and the current generation has the ability to compare their resemblance?

well this is generation full of skeptics waiting to be proven scientifically.

If reincarnation is to be studied objectively from a scientific perspective, it must first be possible to overcome unscientific obstacles such as religious prejudice.

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