What Police in Malala's Meeting Did After Malala's Remarks About Their Job

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Malala made certain remarks during a political event in the Western portion of the country on Tuesday that did not sit well with many Kenyans, particularly officers.

Malala asked Kenya Kwanza authorities to allow high school dropouts to join the police force because carrying a pistol is not a difficult job.

He believes that anyone who is physically fit should be recruited into the police force, even if they have no academic qualifications.

According to the NPS, Malala's comments are "very awful for the police fraternity, their families, and the entire country."

Senator Malala's comments, according to the NPS, are degrading and discouraging to officers who play a critical role in safeguarding the safety of the country.

NPS has ordered all of its personnel to ignore Malala's comments and focus on their responsibilities to Kenyans.

Even when Malala was openly criticizing and mocking them in front of the public, the cops providing security during Malala's rally have been praised for keeping calm and professional.


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