Rya believes Ghanaians are not brave enough to participate in Big Brother.

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Amusement savant, Rya Anakwa, has believed that the Big Brother establishment is logically responsible for falling flat when sent off in Ghana.

She was of the view that Ghanaians are easygoing, not striking, and actually considering giving in to partaking in such unscripted TV dramas.

Actually, I don't think Ghanaians are strong or try enough for such unscripted TV dramas. In any case, we could check it out. In all likelihood, you might not ever be aware. Nowadays, Ghanaians are attempting to escape their shell.

She implied that before, Ghana had a few effective competitors who addressed the country throughout the years during the broadcasting of the biggest global unscripted TV drama, Big Brother Africa.

Considering this, she noticed that the progress of the show would be capricious assuming that an establishment is steered here in Ghana. It doesn't really matter to me. We've had effective ones. I think Kwaku T, Confidence, Eazzy, Elikem Kumordzie. "


She further expressed that with Ghanaians continuously living like there's no tomorrow and attempting to avoid any unnecessary risk, that could thwart the progress of the show in the country.

Nonetheless, she was confident that Ghanaians could make it a triumph.

You can never say never. You know Ghanaians and our disposition. Once in a while, we like to leave nothing to chance a little. How about we see? We could presumably have the option to make it happen.

In the meantime, the next season of Big Brother Naija starts one week from now. The weekend send off will be broadcast on Saturday, July 23, and Sunday, July 24, 2022.

In a post shared on the virtual entertainment pages of Big Brother Naija, the show would be circulated on DSTV channels 151, 153, 154, and 198, as well as GoTV channels 2, 6, and 29.

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