How to protect yourself against online scams


Emails are a great way to get information, both safely and faster than what we used to know some years back.

It is estimated that 1000s of new emails are created globally in a day. Gmail the world's largest emailing service platform was created on April 1, 2004. 

So many emails are flowing in and out of our inboxes every day, this makes it hard for non-tech fellows to identify which is genuine and which is not. 

Online scams and hoaxes are currently on its peak, these groups are getting more sophisticated with how they operate. It’s very important to learn how to spot the fakes to stay safer online.

Below are some few ways to protect yourself against online scams

1. How to identify a phishing email? 

• Generic email greetings. Emails from a platform you signed up for will always address you by your given surname and name.

• These mails comes with URLs that look deceptive and unauthentic to the platform always double-check the URL before going up.

• Wrong, out of date or out of place logos, design and type.

2. How to spot a fake email? 

• These mails come with a false sense of urgency

• Attachments – A real email from a platform you signed to will never include an attachment or software.

• If you are unsure whether a platform's email is legitimate or not, it is advisable to log in to your platform account and you’ll be able to see any urgent message from the platform directly.


3. How to identify scams?

• These scams promise money in return for a favour

• They send Notifications of lottery wins

• And you are offered unsolicited job offers

4. Communicate with the platform the safe way. Always log into your account to update your personal information. 

• Credit and debit card numbers

• Bank account numbers

• Driving licence numbers

• Email addresses

• Password

• Your full name

These are some few ways you can protect yourself from been scammed. You need staying safe online is one way to have your peace of mind. You need to learn to do it the right way. 


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