Kenyans Left Smiling After MPs Made A Crucial Ruling Ahead Of Election Amidst Current Country Crisis

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Kenyans have been issued with great news after the members of Parliament made a crucial ruling amidst the current crisis.


In challenging economic times, lawmakers have rejected Treasury's request to raise taxes and excise duties on alcohol, gaming, motorcycles, and maize flour, giving taxpayers a break.

Some of the suggested tax measures, according to the National Assembly's finance committee, which is chaired by Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga, would be counterproductive. They also defeated a proposal to tax fertilizer.

According to People Daily, legislators have rejected Treasury's plan to collect income by raising basic products prices, despite concerns that the high cost of living could become a contentious campaign topic when leaders seek re-election in August.

The move by tye legislators is a huge relief for the suffering Kenyans especially the farmers who rely on fertilisers for a farming and crop production purposes.

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