Opinion:Why Fourth Generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Is Common In Kenya


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado seven seater sporty utility vehicle manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota.The production started in 2009 with Toyota Prado J150 platform.The name "Prado" means meadow or field in Spanish and Portuguese. Toyota Prado fourth generation is a full size four wheel drive vehicle in the land.The Prado has ladder frame chassis, two speed transfer boxes and rear beam axles with front independent suspension .Toyota land cruiser Prado comes with as automatic and manual transmission. The most common used Prado is the six speed automatic 2.7 liter petrol engine to offer fast speed at with maximum toque and stability. The 2.7 liter engine Toyota land cruiser prado is one of the most fuel efficient car compared to cats in the same class such as the Toyota V8, Nissan Patrol and the Lexus LC570 which are known to be fuel guzzlers in Kenya.

Toyota improved the petrol engine with dual VVT-i, increasing the power output by 5 kW -207 kW producing 278 horsepower and torque.Prado offers one of the most comfortable and safety drives .Prado gained it's popularity in 2010 due to the stylish and luxury looks that comes with extreme cool features such as fenders,sunroof, cruiser control and rear fog lights.

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