Why ODM Party might lose its National Outfit and Become an only Luo Nyanza Affair


Orange Democratic Movement is a national party having a background from almost all the regions in Kenya.

The party has been doing well nationally and it's one of the biggest parties in the history of Kenya today.

Currently, the party is undergoing tough times with wrangle and disagreement here and there that might cause them some of their trusted allies.

In 2007, the party got the largest number of legislative seats as compared to other parties, the number keeps on reducing on each election year that should worry the party leader Raila Odinga.

The party had its strongholds in Western, Nyanza, Eastern, Nairobi and Coastal regions. These areas are currently fighting to have their parties and kingpin from the same region.

For instance, Mudavadi and wetangula want to consolidate western votes into one basket controlled by ANC party leader Hon Mudavadi.

In Ukambani, ‘Watermelon' guy Hon Kalonzo Musyoka is always on the forefront to have all the votes for Wipers candidates.

In the coastal region, they came up with a decision to form the Coastal region-based party.

If the above areas decide to consolidate all the votes to the region based party, then ODM will have no alternative but only to control Nyanza votes.

In this case, ODM might be in liquidity to a region-based party from Nyanza.

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