Epl Top Four Predictions At The End Of The Season.


When you look carefully down the table you will realize that from number eight that is everton are very much able to cling at top four. This will be a great blow to the teams that has been used to champions league and them failing to make it. We are addressing teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and arsenal which has faced a tough time of late seasons.

However Liverpool and chelsea have got an alternative but only one can make it. Infact most probably if all goes well they may meet at semi finals uefa champions league. Chelsea are going to face Porto tommorrow coming from a big devastating defeat aganist westbrom of 2-5.

It will be of great joy and jubilation if this first round the blues will shine before meeting crystal palace in the leaque cup. However Leicester have a tough fixtures but if they maintain thier recent form they can make it. My prediction however remains City,united,chelsea and Liverpool to qualify.

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