Life Begins At 40 Is Never True


Do you believe life begins at 40?

Most people allow life to fight against them, allow life to control them while you can overcome obstacles and control your life. Prosperity is what you are fighting for, it could be work problems or marriage related issues or financial burdens.

Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (they have died), or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate.

I'm speaking to you to be patience in life. The world is a continuous forward fight. Your patience can make you go forward in life. As I said earlier, it could be work problem, which is not progressing, don't be discouraged. If it come that way you've failed in life, but you may not know.

According to God's creation, wealth, prosperity should follow you but not to suffer for them.

At times there's a saying 'life begins at 40". I don't except and believe this. To me life begins at the age of 18 years. Depending on the family, it starts at 9-13years. When life begins at these ages could be riches or poor.

Some families are very poor to the extent that a 9-year or less child has to struggle on the street to hustle for the daily bread and even provide for the family.

Children in rich families on the other hand will start to enjoy comfortable life at such a juvenile age since he or she was born into wealthy family.

Again life begins at 40 is never true, so don't be deceived, work hard to achieve your goals. Don't cross your legs and put your hands in to wait for prosperity.

Your hard work will overcome the challenges in life and one key to open doors is a prayer and the love of God.

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