“The country is suffering because of your reckless attitude when you were President”


Former President John Dramani Mahama has received massive reactions from Ghanaians after he made a very crucial statement.

Few hours ago, John Dramani Mahama made a statement and revealed that he and the members of the National Democratic Congress will win the 2024 elections and he will become the President of the country. This statement caused a lot of reactions from Ghanaians.

In response to this statement of John Dramani Mahama, some social media users took to the comment section of a post on the Facebook page of GhanaWeb to share their thoughts. According to some people, the poor administration of John Dramani Mahama and the NDC is what has left many Ghanaians suffering today. They mentioned that, for this reason,the are not willing to bring Mahama and the NDC back into power.

According to a certain Effutu Gal, the country is suffering because of the reckless attitude of John Dramani Mahama when he was the President.

“The country is suffering because of your reckless attitude when you were President”, a social media user by name Effutu Gal said.

”The worse of Akuffo-Addo is better than the best of John Mahama” another user by name Gilbert Boadi mentioned.

”You incompetence led us to IMF. We saw how you messed things up. If you were the best man to rescue this country, we wouldn't have voted you out”, another person said.

See screenshots below.

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