Colombia Captures Most Wanted Drug Lord Using 22 Helicopters, 500 Operatives - Photos

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Colombia has announced the capture of the most wanted drug lord in the country after deploying 22 helicopters and 500 security personnel for the operation.

Cairo Antonio Usuga popularly known as Otoniel has been captured in a jungle raid consisting of 500 security personnel and 22 helicopters after several failed operations.

According to the President of Columbia, Ivan Duque, the capture of Otoniel is compared to the fall of Pablo Escobar.

In a statement released by the Colombian authorities on Saturday, the country's biggest drug trafficker, Dairo Antonio Usuga alias Otoniel has been captured in a jungle raid.

Otoniel is the likely leader of the violent Clan Del Golfo cartel, which controls major drug trafficking routes through thick jungles.

Speaking on the development on Saturday, President Ivan Duque, said that the arrest of Otoniel is compared to the fall of Pablo Escobar, the biggest Colombian drug lord killed in a gunfight by the police in 1993.

Duque said that the arrest is the biggest penetration of the drug jungle in the military history of Colombia.

Otoniel stands charges on murder, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking, conspiracy, and illegal recruitment of minors.

He was on the US State Department's most-wanted list. The US State Department had offered $5million for information leading to his arrest or conviction in 2009.


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