'When I Get Pregnant I will Personally Announce.' Vera says as She Displays Her Tummy in a Crop Top


Vera Sidika is one of the famous Socialite Celebrities in Kenya. Vera Sidika has been on the Limelight for over a decade now.

Vera Sidika first became a Celebrity when she featured in P Units song as a video vixen called 'You Guy.' Vera became the talk of town.

Later Vera Sidika shocked the whole Nation after she later reappeared back in Social Media with a change in skin Color Complexion from black to white. This made Vera Sidika to be a real talk of the internet. Vera Sidika featured everywhere. From interview to interview, from magazine to magazine and that is how she Rose to fame.

Vera Sidika also dated one of Kenya's Top Bongo RNB Artist Otile Brown which helped Vera Sidika to remain relevant as the talk of town. Vera and Otile's love life was full of scandals of both love and separation until they decided to separate for good.

Currently Vera Sidika is married to Artist Been Mauzo. However Fans are concerned why Vera is not pregnant yet. Some fans even started spreading rumors that Vera has been out of the Limelight because she is pregnant.

However Vera addressed the allegations of her being pregnant and said they were not true. Vera paused with a crop top to confirm this. See pictures below.

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