Day 2 Of Arise Ghana Demonstration. Matters Arising.

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On the back of the chaotic climax of yesterday's demonstration by the Arise Ghana group, today happens to be day 2 of the demonstration and the protestants seem very much ready to hit the streets again. As you may have known, the Arise Ghana group is embarking on a two day demonstration against the hardships in the economy, increased price levels in goods and services, corruption and several other problems facing the country.

Unfortunately, yesterday's demonstration ended on a catastrophic note as there was a clash between the police and the protesters. The police fired rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters as they failed to duly comply with the [police while the protesters on the other hand pelted stones at the police. It is still not clear whether the protesters pr the police instigated the violence.

Meanwhile, about 12 police officers were injured and are currently at the Police Hospital seeking medical attention while 29 rioters have been arrested and to be put before court. The video to all of this is linked below to my youtube channel link of which you can subscribe to get all the updates.

Demonstrators are currently converging at the E l - Wak Sports Stadium to kick off with the day two. Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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