Opinion: Here Are 4 Ways To Make A Man Develops Feelings For You


When a lady is crushing on someone, she tends to pretend and hide her feelings to avoid getting humiliated or dumbed easily. Ladies have the feeling that a guy should be the one to approach them first and not the other way round but as a lady, if you truly love that person, you should ask him out and know his response.

Here Are 4 Ways To Make A Man Develop Feelings For You

* Always Dress Your Best

When you want a guy to develop feelings for you, you have to always dress highly well because guys love ladies that dress well.

* Always Be Nice To Him

Try to always be nice to the guy and also try your best to share his sorrows and discomfort with him.

* Don't Be Too Accommodating

Don't every try to be over familiar with him or even play too much with him because he might just take you for granted.

* Listen To His Sorrows And Discomfort

Always try to be there when he needs a listening ear to share his problems with and also try to advice him on the right path to follow.

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