What Top Politician Allegedly Went Through After Losing His Bid In 2013

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Details have energed that Hon Raila was not strong enough after losing the election that happened in 2013. David Ndii who revealed that Mr Odinga was in a real despair after losing to Uhuruto duo. David Ndii revealed that Mr Odinga looked for him in his place of residence and requested that he (David) help him get out of the dark world which he described as a place of mud. David Ndii said that Raila went through a lot after losing election.

David Ndii also revealed that Mr Odinga had been through a hard time fitted in between a rock and a hard place finding himself in a situation that he couldn't vividly collect himself. With the help of David Ndii he got out of the hard situation. He revealed that Mr Odinga was stuck in the mud and couldn't accept himself after he lost the election, through his counceling he helped Mr Odinga match out of the depression.

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