"My Man Should Be Able To Ask Me For 500K To N1M Monthly"- Lady Says


Some women are very rich and would not hesitate to splash their cash on the men that they love. They don't just sit at home and expect their husband to provide for them. Having these kinds of ladies is very good because their behavior can also motivate the man into working harder to make more money. Some women are even responsible enough to pay the bills in a house.

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A lady identified as Nurse Christyne has revealed that her greatest fear is not being able to provide for her man. She stated that her man should be able to ask her for 500k to N1m monthly without her having any problems giving it to him.

This caused a lot of reactions on social media and below are some of them:

The statement this lady made shows that she is very responsible and hardworking. Women should not just sit aside and expect men to provide at all times for them. If they believe that they deserve to be pampered and bought a lot of gifts, and given money, the same should apply to the men also as they also deserved to be pampered by the ladies.

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