Shakilla Shares A Video Explaining Why She Has Been Mute On Social Media


Shakilla became popular in Kenya after she acted as a co-wife to Carol alias Bandbeca in the wife material contest. Ever since the show ended, she was allover social media and people could not stop applauding her for the role she played in the show.

Unlike her, she has been so mute on social media. People could barely see any posts from her. This led to people wondering where she was or what was happening to her.

To their response, she shared a clip on her Insta stories explaining what was happening to her. Click on the link below to listen to what she said.

She is in school trying to get the best for her future. However she complained of how people went ahead tarnishing her name as they tried to gaze where she could be.

She also said that people's utterances never matters to her since they will always find faults in any perfect thing.