If Football Clubs' Logos Were Designed By Kids

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A lot of time and effort is being put to good use when football clubs' logos are designed. A logo represents your team. When you talk about a certain team, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo of that team. So it's essential that the designers of the logos design something that would stand out, something that the fans will love and cherish. Some fans would actually have tattoos of their favourite teams.

But what if those logos were not as good and appealing as they are? What if kids drew these logos? @inside_arts imagined how those logoos would look like, and the results are amazing

As Roma. The Italian giants logo doesn't seem very hard to draw if you will judge it from this picture. It sure looks like it would take about 5 minutes to complete it.

FC Porto's logo now seems like the easiest to design

Manchester United. Well it's still vivid. That is the Manchester United logo, alright.

Real Madrid's real logo is one of the most iconic football logos alive. But here, it looks as if a student was given homework to draw the real Real Madrid logo, but the student forgot about it and had only 30 seconds to finish the drawing.

Chelsea. Well, the little devil inside the logo looks like the one well all know, so Chelsea fans might be able to forgive the kids .

Bayern Munich. Yes, Chelsea might forgive the kids, but we do not know about Bayern Munich. It might take a few looks first before you realise that this is actually a logo of one of the best football clubs in the world.

AC Milan. It's not so bad. It;s easy to tell that this logo belongs to one of the most successful teams in the world

Barcelona. If I was the judge, I'd say this is the best work that the kids have done. This looks almost like the real one.

Liverpool. It does look like the Liverpool logo but the kids got lazy.

Photo credits; @inside_arts

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