Dear Men, Stop Doing These Things To Women


The reason everybody wake up early on a Monday morning is to pursue a better life or to maintain a particular lifestyle which demands proper financing, because the world frowns at financially unstable people, it's a natural order. And it seems the world is also used to the idea of having men leading the march to wealth and prosperity, but some women have their own opinions when it comes to financial strength.

Alot of women are financially stable and claim they don't really need the company of men any more, but that's not entirely true is it? Well some men who come across financially stable women have a hard time handling the situation, basically because they are not used to being around wealthy women who give command, so they end up doing things that shows they can't handle the pressure of being around such ladies. Some of the things these men do include;

- Trying to put up an act as though they are rich, even when they are not.

- They feel insecure and grumble over everything just to maintain a high stand.

- They try to seduce the woman in other to win her favour, hence her money. Some young men might be gold diggers too.

- They indirectly talk about their problems in other get money from the lady.

- some men try to intimidate the lady with their own wealth, because they feel insecure. Some even try to bring her down.

But a lot of men need to understand that being financially stable is a good thing for a woman, it helps build her mind and contributes to the family wealth.