Opinion: Happy Father's Day to President Uhuru Kenyatta, The Father Of The Nation


Today we celebrate father's day as it is a culture in the world.Thererofe in every chance kenya we celebrate the Father of the nation who in all efforts has ensured Kenya is moving forward through infrastructure, education, security and food.

In every chance here are some reasons to celebrate president Uhuru Kenyatta as the responsible father of the nation;

It's is during his term that all school aged children have access to education. During schools re-opening, MoE and NGAOs (MOICING) have ensured that no child is seen roaming around during school days, and punishable by law is a guardian or parent assumed to deny the child education.

100% transition from primary to secondary schools. By wavering exams fee, no child regardless of their background has been denied an opportunity for being tested and graded to allow them transition to the next level be it secondary or university/college/tertiary.

Reviewing of schools curriculum. In an effort to ensure young generation is prepared to confront challenges by equipping them with knowledge and skills that develop solutions, the curriculum has since been reviewed to read competence based which is more learner focused unlike the previous which focused more on ability to remember.

Revamping and equipping of TVETs and issuing of bursaries for learners in these institutions is to ensure those who don't meet minimum entry points to colleges and universities, their dreams and aspirations will still be achieved once they have access to basic training education enabling them equally secure job opportunities and competitively participate in other economic growth activities.

Re-imagining of the education sector is to prepare generations transit from having a mindset of an agrarian society to an industrialized society.

A responsible father is one that not only creates an empire for his children but also is keen to bestow them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to run it. 

Happy Father's Day Mr. President.

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