Avraham Ben Moshe Sends very Profound Advice to the Youths in the Country


The youths are a very vital group in every nation, because they are the future leaders. It is therefore imperative for them to receive the right kind of education so as to be able to spearhead the growth and development of the country.

Unfortunately, what most youths believe is to go to school and become employees in institutions, firms and companies. That is not bad, in the sense that such experiences equip them for a better future.

In as much as it is not a totally bad idea to work as an employee, leader of the Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe, in an interview with Maame Grace on 'Revelations' on GH One TV, has advised the youths in the country to focus more on building their own small businesses rather that being employees.

According to him, it is not a wise idea to spend money on luxuries if one does not have a business. He therefore advised the youths to acquire assets rather than liabilites. Assets are things than bring more money to the buyer, whereas liabilities are those things that take more money from the pocket of the acquirer. A commercial vehicle, for example is an asset, whiles a luxury car not meant for business is a liability.

He added that once one has been able to build assets and accumulated wealth, they can then acquire some luxuries, but until then, any form of luxurious lifestyle must be put on hold. "Do not buy a private car if you are perching a friend" he cautioned.

He continued by saying that how one makes money is more important than how much they make. It is better to earn a profit than to earn a salary. And so by inference, a profit of 1,000 dollars is better than a salary of the same amount. The Common Sense Family leader noted that all the wealthy people of the world began their journey with some business.

The young man then asked the youth to learn from some of the rich people of the world. He said that all the billionaires in the world earn profits but not salaries. "None of the world's rich people earns a salary; they all earn profits. It is more fulfilling to earn a profit than to earn a salary. Salary is used for managing poverty", he stated.

In my opinion, we cannot rule out salary, in the sense that companies need employees to survive, and such employees definitely will be paid salaries. A system with only business owners and no employees cannot possibly work. What people must know is that irrespective of the situation they find themselves in, they must have a business they are building, and must be spending on things that will yield profit rather that things that will take money from their pockets.

In his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki, an American billionaire who has earned for himself the nickname, the Millionaire School Teacher, teaches that one must not buy luxuries with their salary. He advises that people should first aquire assets, so that they can use the returns from their assets to acquire some luxury. If the youth begin to start something on their own, the burden on government will reduce and unemployment will also subside.

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