Lady Who Was Belived Dead in Middle East Calls Home Saying She Was Kidnaped


One family is in tears after their daughter who went to seek for a job in Middle East called home saying she is in the hands of kidnappers. This is after the family being informed that their daughter was dead. She later called to inform them that her life was in danger.

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The family from Nakuru says that the victim, Rose Chaha, travelled to Lebanon in 2014 with a prospectively lucrative deal which could help her and her family.

According to the family, rose was expected back in the year 2019. Early this year, the family received a call from unknown people saying that Rose was dead and that they should organise and pick her body for burial. The family received the news with broken hearts as they had banked much hope in her.

However, Rose called them saying that she was alive and that she was in the hands of kidnappers. They are now seeking the government intervention to help them rescue their daughter.