Floyd Shivambu Mentions Which ANC Members Made Sure That Zuma Is Removed As President|| See Why

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Former ANC member and current EFF Vice President Floyd Shivambu (EFF). His childhood was spent in the Limpopo district on giyani's western side. Having served as the EFF's VP since roughly 2015, Shivambu is widely expected to take over as president in the event that current president Julius Malema steps down.

By publicly identifying those responsible for Jacob Zuma's removal, floyd Shivambu has once again caused turmoil within the African National Congress. This is because of the widespread criticism that Cyril Ramaphosa received in 2014 for unfairly smearing Jacob Zuma's reputation.

He decided he had to take charge of the ANC because he knew he would benefit from being in that position.

Further, Shivambu decided that without Cyril Ramaphosa and his hopes, Jacob Zuma would have become South Africa's president. If this happens, the country won't face the same level of poverty it does now.

How did you get here, and what gives you the energy to hold onto these beliefs?

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