Sad: New Details Emerge Of How A Kabete National Polytechnic Student Was Murdered By Alleged Robbers


Kabete National Polytechnic students were left in fear having learned about the cold blood killings of their comrade on the 28th of February 2021 at around 5 pm.

According to the sources, the student was relaxing while listening to music via his earphones. Reportedly two men in a BodaBoda arrived and demanded his phone. Since he couldn't hear them, he took off his earphones only to be shot on his belly. The two suspects left the crime scene immediately.

The deceased was a first-year student at the institution. Indeed it's a very sad situation to lose an innocent saul just because of a cellphone.

Such incidence isn't the first to be witnessed. There have been videos of robbers using a motorcycle as a means of escape to terrorize innocent civilians.

It advisable not to fight with an armed robber, your life is precious. Just cooperate because you'll always have another life chance to work hard and buy whatever you had lost.